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CleverTech is a modern company specialized in innovative research and development in close cooperation with university (spin off) and professional commercial application. Company projects are oriented into interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering where close cooperation in technical, medical, health and social services is a main target. Since 2005 there are several interesting applications of self modular system (technology). Projects, or specific products (projects), are based on mobile telemetric system where several modules enables human body data to be acquired and remote processed for target information. This information is supervised by the inspection center for optimal feedback to the supervised object. Desired kind of help is coordinated then.

Company potential is enriched by intensive cooperation with important research partners covering the target areas. Our aim is to prepare sophisticated, easily utilizable, professionally designed solutions open for future improvements. Most of our products evolve innovative approach based on modern science and research results. Main asset is expert skilled team, high-tech facility background and ability of close cooperation with final user.

We do the professional solutions at the same time with innovative and open approach for future findings.