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Personal Health Systems

Public demand for new technology and medical care improvement in the HomeCare system is actually worldwide increasing. Research and development of new technology, communication (ICT) solutions, general awareness in this field, integration of technology into usual daily life of wide population allows implementation of new health and medical care innovations and unseen solutions. There are less implementation of modern technology of HomeCare and Personal Health Systems in the medical field than could be. Effective interdisciplinary cooperation among specialists in medical and technical field is necessary then. One of our main targets is to advance the technology towards the needs of medical specialists in this field and allow them to provide new kind of health care and social services.

Using PersonalHealthSystems (PHS) is possible way of increasing functional capacity of the hospitals, or health centers, with current staff and resources together with higher patient comfort and comfortable health care. Important aspect of PHS implementation is to minimize financial resources for ineffective obsolete medical care service and substitution with optimal new PHS solution. General benefit of such a PHS technology is approach of specialized medical departments towards patient home. For final user, or patient, PHS brings higher comfort (optimal ambulant exploration, substitution, expansion and quality improvement using modern medical technology means) at their home. Patient is able to stay at home even in more complicated health state with less risk of serious problem. In the last words we would like to mention, that PHS put to use modern communication resources (internet, video communication, etc.) for medical data transfer at clinic world as well as communication between the doctor and patient. Technology background of the CleverTech is based on the modular telemetric system. Primary sensor hardware oriented modular system was extended to many applications. Modular concept nowadays counts many HW and SW modules, know-how modules and methods. Commercial strategy is supported by this modular concept.

Unique modular concept:
System solutions rise from unique technology of modular mobile system. This system was developed at the R&D center of the spin-off company Clever Technologies in the cooperation with specialized partners. Particular system sections were separated into modular form and relevant HW and SW technology was created. Together with this development knowledge modules covering application, methods for data processing and evaluation were created. Using such approach, a unique dynamic system was created. It contains all needed parts for operating particular compact solutions keeping modularity and adaptability to the fast changes in many client needs. Nowadays know-how is separated into several blocks. Such a block could be used in many applications which leads into fast, effective and financially available development of new applications (solutions for specific patient groups). Particular modules of the solution include most actual technology and SW solutions available on the market. Modular concept thus enables most actual technology level of whole system.