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Senior Inspect service is designated for surveillance services on elderly people at home environment. The main feature of the system is acquisition and processing of various environmental and medical parameters describing senior’s health status. All information acquired by personal unit is transmitted to the monitoring center (available 24hours, 7 days in the week). This center provides immediate and optimal feedback to the clients by several means - phone call, alert to the family, rescue service, police, etc.

Personal unit provides voice communication with the monitoring center, localization by GPS signal and other required features. It is a small mobile unit, which allows senior user to practice usual activities (including activities outside the house) according to health state. Medical sensor peripheries could extend supervised client parameters. The Senior Inspect is user friendly and easily customizable for many client groups.

A. Senior Inspect basic

Service option allows monitoring senior’s body activity and the system can automatically detect possible fall. Personal unit provides voice communication and emergency button, body localization and data transfer to the monitoring center Senior Inspect 7/24. Wireless interface for future medical sensors is available for full mode service option B.

System application:

Personal security and comfort to senior and his family is provided Accident prevention of secondary consequences from sudden fall syndrome Time interval before entry of specialized senior house is extended

B. Senior Inspect advanced

Service with medical add-on Basic service option is extended by monitoring of selected medical parameters (ECG, blood pressure, SpO2, blood glucose, etc.) Additional medical sensors have wireless connection with personal unit. Collected medical information is transmitted into the monitoring center. Expert medical analysis is available, so user or the doctor has regular information including health status progress.

System application:

Long-term patient home monitoring to prevent future complications Patient life quality and comfort is increased in case of sudden complication Source of regular and long-term medical information and patient health status for optimal treatment Medical care advanced to the home environment.



Pilot project experience

The initial stage of the HomeCare technology project was successfully implemented. The technology of the system was proved to have desired functionality and quality. Similar products on the market have been analyzed. Some of manufacturers offer various solutions, but lot of them is partial and mainly proprietary. There is not evidence of complex and dynamic solution with obvious relation to the future research and technology development like our solution could provide, which makes this solution unique to other commercial realizations. There is less competition with similar service implementation on the market. Important system propriety is to cover full-range service needs in one system realization rank which leads to easy system application, service administration and mainly through system upgrade. These features are basic assumption of successful application in the market area, which is actually under intensive expansion including many ideological, mental, and social changes in the society mind. In long-term point of view, there is evidence of many changes and demand for quick customizable realization. The system has opportunity not to be quickly out of use like others.